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“Bare Bones” Cottage Home Block Party 2009 October 18, 2009

Filed under: craft,Craft Fairs,Neighbors — sundayafternoonhousewife @ 2:43 pm

Last night was a great night at the Cottage Home Block Party. I had a lot of fun setting up my table for Halloween tiles and regular tiles. I had some great sales and met a lot of new customers and round-the-corner neighbors. Towards the end of the evening some of my next-door neighbors and my husband came and hung out with me under my tent and we had a great time just hanging out and trying to stay warm. At the end of the night, I won the 50/50 raffle (yay!) and we all went out to Dorman Street for a few drinks to celebrate. Here are some pictures from the evening of the Block Party. Everyone in Cottage Home does such a great job decorating. It was a beautiful and fun time even though it was super cold! I’ll be looking forward to next year.


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