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Irvington Halloween Festival November 1, 2009

Filed under: Craft Fairs — sundayafternoonhousewife @ 3:41 pm

Yesterday was the Irvington Halloween Festival. I shared a booth space with Jen Wyric (she’s the lovely lady in the orange scarf in the photo below) and a large revival-style tent with 20 other Indieana Handicraft Exchange Vendors at the first ever IHE “mini” event. The weather was windy and mostly cold all day, but we had what I guess is thousands of vistors to the IHE tent. It was a lot of fun because I had lots of new customers and also a handful of repeat coustomers. It is good to have people looking for you at an event- let me just say that! I also got invitations to attend another event in Irvington in November, so I will keep you posted on details if that develops.  I didn’t get my camera out too much yesterday because I was busy, but here are afew photos of the event. The one of me is courtesy of Jen. Since we were at the front of the tent, Jen and I had a good view of the swarms of people in the tent.


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