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Now taking special orders! November 18, 2009

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I am now taking special orders for the Christmas season. Copied below is the “order form” for special orders. You may copy it into an email and send it to me that way, or copy and print it off and mail it to me. All special orders must be in with their payments by December 12th, so that I have plenty of time to make your special order and send it back to you. You may also email me and I can forward the order form to your email.


Are you looking for a unique, handmade gift to give this holiday season?

Scrabble tile pendants can be made unique with your choice of letter and image!

All you have to do is supply me with a copy of your image, either digital or on paper along with your letter of choice, and your tile will be mailed to you before the holidays.

Complete the simple order form below and return with your payment by December 12th and your holiday gift shopping is finished!


Name: ____________________  email: __________________________

Address: ________________________________Phone:_____________

Number of Pendants:_____ Preferred pendant letter(s):_____________

Please include a paper copy of your image(s) along with your order form or email a digital image to If you are including a paper copy, know that you image will be cut to fit the size of the tile. Make sure your image will fit the .75x.83 measurements of the tile by using this box as a guide:

Prices for special orders: $8.00 per pendant………………..$8.oo x __=___

Shipping for your tiles include deliver confirmation……………………$2.00

Total your payment with shipping here……………………………………$_____

Mail check to: Martha Latta, 1236 Windsor St., Indianapolis, IN 46201

Paypal payments may be made to:


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