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Gearing up for Kentucky November 27, 2009

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Well, I’m spending most of this morning working on scrabble tile necklaces, but I also poured some resin in molds for new necklaces with candy sprinkles and I finished up a few new resin necklaces, so I wanted to post a few photos and get things caught up. First, let me remind you I’m on my way to Covington, KY tomorrow morning for the Craft Mafia fair. Here are some details in case you are going to be in the Cincy/ Covington area this weekend:

A few months ago I bought some ice cube molds at IKEA that I thought I would use for resin casting, but I never got around to it because I could not find any mold release spray anywhere. Well, Monday I finally got some, so the first cast resin I have made with the molds are these really cool puzzle piece pendants with real candy sprinkles. I also got a really nice black velvet display, which helps with taking a good photo! Here are the 2 different styles I made of the puzzle piece pendants:

I also have recently made about 30 very cool Alice in Wonderland bottle cap magnets. All the bottle caps have an image glued in the bottom and a strong magnet on the back, and then resin is poured inside of the bottle cap to seal in the image and give it a shiny finish. Here are a few pictures of these new magnets.

Well, I have a lot to do today to prepare for this weekend (and first I need to eat some Thanksgiving left-overs!). Next weekend I will be back in town at the IHE/ Mass Ave Holiday Hoopla on December 4th. So, if I don’t see you in Kentucky, I’ll see you next weekend on Mass Ave!


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