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A trip down the stairs while carrying a pair of scissors hazardous mess December 29, 2009

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I’m dreaming of a clean craft room… Just like the one I used to have! My craft room is out of control. It’s a mess. A trip down the stairs while carrying a pair of scissors hazardous mess; a possible poison the dog with discarded bottles of resin and moldy paint brushes in a cup mess; a choke the cat on miles of thread and yarn mess. It’s bad. Really bad. Get the picture? Well, hang on- if you can’t picture it yet you will soon see. First of all, before Christmas break started for me on the 18th I had a #1 goal to clean the craft room so I could make more jewelry over break and get all stocked up for the spring, get stocked up on Etsy, and just feel better about not having a wreck of a craft room. Well, now look what happened- a half-dozen Xmas parties later, a weekend to recover, a Monday to recover from the weekend, and now it is Tuesday and the craft room is STILL a total wreck and I only have 12 days before I have to head back to work. 12 days!?! Have you seen this mess? Well, this morning I woke up, logged on Facebook, and one of my favorite crafty bloggers, Jennifer Perkins, of Naughty Secretary Club fame, posted a blog that her #1 New Year Resolution is to clean her craft space! The craziest thing of all- she posted pictures! So, here I am in true craft girl camaraderie to say to Jennifer, “You are not alone.” I too am posting some pictures of my craft room mess. I too am promising to post pictures of the progress. I too will even promise to post follow up pictures a few months from now.

Ok, first, for those of you not familiar with my craft room, it is positioned at the top of the back stair case of my house on a landing between the “guest bedroom” and the master bedroom. This is the number one problem because the stairs become a catch-all and the dogs must always pass through to get to the bedroom. So, I’ve included a few pictures of the stairs because I am considering them part of the crafty mess. Also, even though it was REALLY hard for me to do, I’ve included a picture of part of the bedroom so that you can see that this craft mess has spread out of its designated area and into the bedroom (or is it the silk screen factory now?). Also, I have a fairly good sized kinda-walk-in-closet which is part of my craft room area. All of this will be cleaned. All of it. So, with out making you wait much longer, I’m going to post pictures so you can see just how bad it really is. There’s a lot of randomness- like a years’ worth of owl collection that has no place to be kept (my first task may be to get out the drill and hang those pictures), or the Halloween jewelry that has no place to live, or hey- what about the boxes of CD’s that my husband carried upstairs but never put in the office (err… the guest bedroom…)? I shudder to think I’m doing this, but here it is, my craft room mess for all the world to see:

Is that an empty box of Triscuits? A My Little Pony? A yet to be put together shelf under a pile of yet to be shelved boxes of yarn? Ok craft room mess, here I come.


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