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Organization Everywhere… January 6, 2010

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…well, everywhere except in my craft room. I did get off to a good start, but now I haven’t cleaned anything for a couple days. 5 days until I go back to work and I’m still pushing through that craft room mess. Today I did not clean at all, however, I started working on 50 new necklaces and 25 new rings. I am hoping to have them finished so I can share them with you on Thursday. I have to have a goal day, or I never seem to get stuff done!

Today whilst surfing the internet I came across a few things that have basically reminded me that I haven’t been cleaning my craft room! Ha! Today, or well Tuesday (yes, I’m still awake at 2 a.m.) Craft Zine posted a Facebook comment which said, “Make Space for Crafting is our theme this month! How do you organize your craft space or projects? Do you have some great organzing tips? Tell us & include a photo if you can, we may even publish it on our site!” And I was thinking how I would love to have something to show them, but I haven’t really organized a single thing! I’ve really only just cleaned up garbage and put things on walls at this point. I’m going to do some serious organizing tomorrow just so I can show Craft Zine what my craft room looks like for that one day a year right after I do organize things.  There’s another goal!

Also, Jennifer Perkins, from Naughty Secretary Club, posted her progress on her own Operation Craft Space Clean Up and she is really making some progress! I have to say I realize my mess isn’t nearly as big as hers, but it feels about that overwhelming.

Lastly, just a bit ago, I was reading a cute (well, the kitties and banners are too cute!) blog I just came across called Indie Fixx, and I read this great blog post from Kelly Rand of Hello Craft about taking stock of your crafty business. It is a really good article. It really made me think of how I don’t keep track of stock on hand at all really and I just make and make and then realize I’m out of this or that when a customer asks, so… another goal is to work on keeping track of my stock, both what I already have made and on supplies as she suggested. At least if I do keep track of supplies I’ll know how many bottles of super glue or little eyelets I should have laying around. And then the being organized thing will of course help me to find them.

So, of course I’m not the only one out there thinking about getting their life more organized. I may, however, be one of the few who is reading more about being organized that actually doing the organizing!

One final thing, this more on a craft display note, but today (or yeah, Tuesday) Craft Zine put up a fun How-to Tuesday about how to make a Jewelry tree. I’ve really been wanting a couple of jewelry trees for displays at fairs, so this gives me a good idea where to start and maybe if you just want to make one for your personal use you could do that too! I wouldn’t be able to have this in my house because my dog would chew it up for sure the second the cat knocked it over, but they will be good for fairs.

Ok, I suppose if I want to have time to do some organizing tomorrow, I better get some sleep tonight! Here’s to crafty dreams.


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