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Snow Day = Craft Day January 7, 2010

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I’ve gotta say, I’m not a huge fan of lots of snow. It’s awfully pretty at about 2 a.m. when it’s quite and all I can hear is the falling snow, but as soon as the traffic hits it in the morning and the dog starts running around in it, and I’ve had to tromp out in it, I’m pretty tired of it. That being said, the thing I like about it most is the fact that it makes me want to stay inside and in my pajamas and craft the day away. I’ve been working on this set of necklaces for a couple days, but today sure was a perfect day to stay inside and finish them up. This set of necklaces are all made on recycled scrabble tiles. Most of my jewelry is made this way, but I have also been trying some new things (check back tomorrow to see a few new things!). Basically I drill a small hole in the top of each of these tiles and insert the eyelet with a dab of super glue for added security. Then I adhere the images with several layers of matte finish Mod Podge. The last thing I do is cover the image with a thin layer of epoxy resin. The resin takes about 24 hours to dry, and it leaves the necklace with a nice shiny finish. If I’m making a ring, I don’t drill any hole. I make the tile as mentioned, and after the resin drys, then I attach an adjustable ring back on the letter side of the tile with an industrial strength glue. It’s a fun process. My favorite parts are going on the hunt for found images to put on the tiles, or going on the Etsy hunt for graphic images to put on the front. This current batch is made from graphic images made mainly by the fantastic Tragic Pixels and the Valentine’s Hearts by the equally fantastic Cupcakecutiees. I love the designs that can be found on Etsy, and since I’m not a graphic designer, it’s perfect for me. I have to say it’s great too because when someone purchases a necklace from me, then they are helping me to support other crafters as well. But, enough with the tell, it’s time for the show. Here are photos of the 50 new necklaces and 20 new rings (rings don’t have the backs on them yet, but I’ll be doing that tomorrow- and you can tell the rings from the necklaces because they don’t have an eyelet in the top). I hope you like what you see, and if you do, then check out my Etsy shop. I’ll start listing these necklaces later today after I take my dog out to romp around in the snow.


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