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Magnetic Poetry Meets Resin January 8, 2010

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As I have been cleaning out my craft room I have come across some stuff I totally forgot I had. One of the things I found was a bag full of magnetic poetry words and pictures. If you don’t know what magnetic poetry is, you can take a look here It seems if I remember that is was pretty popular in the mid 1990’s which is probably why I forgot I had so much of it. Well, yesterday as I was working in the craft room with the resin on the scrabble tile pendants, I got very nostalgic looking at the baggie full of magnetized words and decided to pull them out and make some pendants with them. Basically I just poured a little resin and stuck the word in it and then poured more resin on top of it. I giggled it around to get the big air  bubbles  out and waited until this morning when it was time to pop them out of the mold. What I got were these great pendants:

I really like how they turned out and I am looking forward to making some more. Now I get to combine 2 things I really enjoy, crafting and writing, and make this great jewelry. I’d really love to hear what you think about these. Good, bad, cool, crap? Should I make some more? If you really, really like these, then you can support me making more by buying one from my etsy shop.  They are all unique and won’t be made again! I hope you enjoy these last couple posts with new jewelry design images in them. I’ve been thinking of a topic for tomorrow’s blog and I think it might be info on running a crafty business. I’ll be working on it while watching football play-offs! Have a good weekend everyone.


2 Responses to “Magnetic Poetry Meets Resin”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Oh, I LOVE the magnetic poetry idea for your jewelry – awesome!

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