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FREE Owl Coaster Crochet Pattern January 12, 2010

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Hello, hello! I’m back to work as of yesterday, and of course I feel like it is already cutting into my blogging time and crafting time and being lazy on the couch time. I’ve been trying really hard to post a blog every day (one of those new year resolution thingys) but yesterday it just wasn’t happening. So, as an apology I’m giving to my fantastic readers a FREE crochet pattern. I used to sell this little cutie on my Etsy, but I’ve pretty much stopped selling patterns on Etsy, so I figured I may as well put it out there for every one to enjoy- and on the plus side, now you know I’m no one trick pony who just sits around making jewelry all day, but that I can do some other crafts as well. So, I really hope you like this pattern. I learned how to crochet from Debbie Stoller’s Happy Hooker book and I sure wouldn’t be able to put some of what I can do with crochet into words if it weren’t for her! Also, I should give a fair warning that this pattern hasn’t been professionally tested or anything, so if you want to make any suggestions after you make a couple, or tell me if I screwed up somewhere, that would be great, so that all others after you can avoid the same fate. I really hope you enjoy this pattern. Feel free to leave a comment if you think you might give it a shot, or share a picture if you make any!

Crochet Owl Coasters

Materials needed:

Brown 100% cotton yarn (cotton is preferred because it is absorbent)

Yellow cotton yarn

small pieces of yellow, white, and orange felt

black and orange embroidery floss

yarn needle

size G crochet hook

With this pattern, you can make as many owl coasters as you want. I like to give them out in sets of 4!

The Body (a basic circle)

Chain 6. Join chain with slip stitch. Double Crochet 6 into the center of the circle. Slip stitch to close round. Chain 2 (acts as first DC) and DC into same stitch. DC two times in each stitch around. Sl St to close round. Ch 2. Dc in same, DC two times in each stitch around. Sl st to close round. Ch 2. DC in same stitch, DC two times in each stitch around. Sl St to close circle. At this point, you might want to check with your favorite cups and see if the circle is large enough to sit under the cup with the edge exposed. If it is not, you may want to add another round in the same manner as above, slip stitching to end, and weaving in tail.

The wings: (make two in the same manner)

Chain 12. SC in second stitch from hook in BACK LOOP ONLY! SC in each back loop to the end of the chain. At the end, SC in last loop twice, then turn crochet and work back down the other side of the chain with SC in each front loop. Sl st to close, and leave a long tail to tie wing to body.

The legs: (make two in the same manner with yellow yarn)

NOTE: Leave a longer than normal tail when you start the chain so that you can use it to attach the legs to the body.

Chain 12. SC in second chain from hook, and sc in each stitch until you reach the second to last stitch. In the last stitch you will crochet all 3 “toes.” To add toes in last stitch, ch 2 sc in same stitch 3 times. Sl st to close and weave in end.

The head (note that head is basically a half circle. You will work half the circle, then turn and work back in the other direction):

In a magic loop, sc 3. Pull loop tight. Ch 1 and sc in same stitch, sc 2 times in each stitch to end, turn, ch 1, sc in same stitch, and sc 2 times in each st to the end. Again, depending on how many rounds you made the body, it will depend on how many half rounds you make the head. You may stop after the third turn, or continue for a fourth or even fifth turn to make the head proportionate to the size of the body. With each turn, remember to turn, ch 1, and sc 2 times in each sc.

Now you are done crocheting each part of the body. Sew the head, wings, and legs onto the body as shown in the picture. It is important at this point you realize you may need to block the coaster so that it lies totally flat. Do this by wetting the coaster completely with water and wringing it out by gently rolling it in a towel. Unroll the towel and flatten the toes and wings into the proper shape. Allow to dry completely.

To add the face to the owl, cut 2 small circles of white felt craft felt and 2 slightly smaller circles of yellow felt. Using black embroidery floss, lay one yellow circle on top of one white circle and attach with a long skinny black stitch as shown in picture. You may add several lines of floss on top of one another to add depth. Do this for both eyes as shown in picture. For the beak, cut a small orange triangle out of craft felt and attach with orange embroidery floss or fabric glue.


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