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They Choo-Choo Choose Me! January 21, 2010

Filed under: craft,Craft Fairs,Funky Finds,Places to find me — sundayafternoonhousewife @ 5:22 am

I’ve been featured on the Funky Finds Blog “Will You Be My Valentine?” which was posted January 19th! Right up in the top left corner- that’s one of my Valentine’s Day Pendants! I’m so excited that I got a feature! This would be my first (hopefully first of many), but it really makes me feel good to know that people like what I do enough to share it with friends and fellow blog readers. I just want to say thanks to Jessica at Funky Finds for all she has done for me since I decided to apply for the Funky Finds Spring Fling in Texas in March. Thanks Jessica!

Of course if you like this sweet little heart pendant or its pink heart partner you can pick it up over in my Funky Finds Shop! Funky Finds is so great because they don’t charge a fee when an item sells, so please check it out, not just for me, but for all these other fantastic Funky Find Spring Fling Vendors.

p.s. Anyone get that title reference? It’s from my all time favorite t.v. Valentine’s…


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