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Craft Room Clean Up Part 3: The Regression January 27, 2010

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If you have been following along, then you might remember that I gave myself about 2 weeks way back at the start of the new year to get my craft room cleaned up and organized before my new semester started. I hung some pictures, assembled a shelf, put things away in proper places, got my couch and table and sewing area cleaned, and the last time I posted about the clean up things were looking pretty good. Basically all I had left to do (with 5 days on my deadline at that time) was organize the closet and cart some stuff off to Goodwill. Well, I never posted about cleaning the closet because, as you have probably figured out by now, I didn’t do it! I felt like I was getting away with it because no one was  holding me accountable, but then Jennifer Perkins posted on her blog at Naughty Secretary Club yesterday all the progress she has made this month and it made me feel all guilty. She was the inspiration that got me going at the start of the year and her progress has really re-inspired me to get things going again. She writes that she is going to work on craft room organization next month, and I want to do the same thing, too. Since the biggest issue with the closet is it’s lack of organization, so I’m going to use some tips I’ve been finding all over the internet to organize my closet. I’m going to share some of those organization tips in the next week or so. It’s been really helpful that Craft Zine has been posting organization tips all month long. A lot of what they have posted has been both practical and inspirational.

In the meanwhile, I thought you might feel vindicated by my inability to keep the craft room orderly and clean if I showed you how much I have reverted back to how things were and how much cleaning I still need to do and organizing, too. So, as promised here are pictures of how the craft room has held up in the last month.


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