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Super Bowl Party Planning February 4, 2010

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Well, if you are a football fan, and even if you aren’t, the Super Bowl is this Sunday and that means a few things around where I am: eating, drinking, and eating while watching football! I’ve done my best to bring some football crafts to the blog the last couple of weeks, but honestly they are few and far between, so what I want to focus on as all of us fantastic hostesses start to get ready for the big game party is the food!

One of my new favorite blogs, Hostess with the Mostess, has a delicious Super Bowl menu posted on the blog. It looks like they swiped it from Rachel Ray, but wherever it came from, it looks really good! This menu is from a couple of years ago, but it still looks really yummy- especially the beer margaritas-which I have tried before and I have to say are pretty tasty!

If you are looking to make a fun center piece, Hostess with the Mostess also has a fun wheat grass football field center piece which you could make to dress up your dinner table during the game.

The Food Network is another great website to check out if you have a big party coming up this weekend. One of the coolest ideas I thought they had was a potato skin recipe for each and every NFL team. Of course I’m right in the middle of Colts country, and their suggested Colts potato? Fried Pork Potato Skins!

If you are a Saints fan (which is fine by me as long as you can handle loosing to the Colts!) then the Muffuletta Potato skins are the route Food Network suggests. These look loaded!

Of course, they have all the others teams too, so if you are looking for another team, you can find the list right here. If you are like me though, these potato skins are a bit on the meaty side. I’d much prefer a cake, and the Food Network has a beautiful Game Day Cake (though I suppose you’ll need to update the numbers on the front to 44, or XLIV, since this cake must be from last year).

I hope that all of these recipes and ideas will help you to have a great Super Bowl party. What are you favorite recipes? Do you think you might try any of these recipes? I know I have plans to make some Super Bowl cupcakes. I have a grand design in mind. I wanted to share, but it’s a few days early to make, so check back next week when I post about cupcakes and share my Super Bowl cupcake creation!


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  1. Mark L Says:

    Must… have.. pulled chicken sandwiches. sandwiches….

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