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Press Kits for Crafty Businesses February 10, 2010

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Ok, in full disclosure let me say that I am no expert on creating a press kit of any kind . The reason I am going to write about this topic today is because I have been investigating quite a lot lately about HOW to make a press kit for a crafty business and I have come across several sources that I thought would be beneficial to share with you. Have you ever made a press kit for your crafty business? What about sending out a press release? Well, I have not, but this year is a new year and I am going to start.

What initially got me thinking about creating a press kit is my new copy of the Craft Inc. Business Planner by Meg Mateo Ilasco.

I have been wanting this book ever since Jennifer Perkins wrote about her copy of the book, so this past weekend I went out and picked it up for myself as a little birthday gift to myself. I read the whole book pretty quickly, though I still need to start completing the worksheets, and back on topic now- start making a press kit! This book has a whole section on marketing your crafty business and crafty wares. It tells you everything you need to put in a press kit. Are you still wondering exactly what a press kit is? Meg Mateo Ilasco defines a press kit as “…essentially all the information a writer may need to write a story about your business or your products.” Some things which go into your press kit include your business card, catalog, company bio, press releases and much more. I highly suggest you pick up this invaluable resource to learn much more about what needs to go into a press kit and even advice on designing one.

If you can’t get your hands on the book right away, there are lots of internet sources that have information about press kits. The article called 5 Survival Tips to Your Business Press Kit at E-zine Articles is pretty to the point, and it really is a basic list of things you need: brochure, press release, business info, etc., but it will get you started with Press Kit basics.

Also, Unfold UK has a pretty informative blog about what makes a press kit work with pretty pictures of good looking press kits, too. It’s a quick read but very helpful if you want to see a nice, pretty press kit for yourself.

Ok, so twice now I have said that your Press Kit should contain Press Releases. That is one of many things I have learned this week! So what on earth is a press release? Basically it is something that you send to the media (newpapers, blogs, tv, ect.) to tell them of something, anything happening with your business. So, you’ve never written a press release before? Me either! I’m going to start now though because I got a lot of help and advice on Press Releases from Crissy at Just yesterday a perfectly placed tweet sent me to her blog and freakin’ fantastic Valentine’s sale she is having on her Cut ‘n Paste Press Release Kit. Now until Friday you can get the $35 kit for only 5 bucks! There also is a “How to Get Great Press” kit as well as other great kits all on sale until the 12th. My favorite thing about the kit is that it was emailed to me the second I paid, so I could start reading tips about press releases right away!

So, where do you go to make these press kits and press releases? Here is what I have found that I really like:

If you are looking for a really fun way to make a small press kit, Cut Out and Keep has a good How-To for a mini press kit.

Also, here is a really informative 7 step blog from for making an Electronic Press Kit. This seems to be a pretty acceptable and inexpensive way for getting your information out there, so if you don’t have a lot of start up money for expensive press kits, you might at least consider an electronic press kit that is attached to your blog.

So, what kind of press kit do you prefer? Online or the more physical version? Have you used both? Which is better in your opinion? In the next few weeks I am going to be working on my press kits- both online and the physical version. I will be looking forward to sharing with you what I have made and getting your feedback.


2 Responses to “Press Kits for Crafty Businesses”

  1. Mark Says:

    I prefer an electronic press kit unless the packaging and presentation is so startling and mind-blowingly amazing that only a physical kit will do. Even then, it seems like an email query is a good way to see if someone is interested. The look and feel of a physical kit should impress someone the second they look at it; otherwise, don’t bother with a physical kit. It will just be viewed as clutter and wasteful and will probably go in to the trash.

    Physical kits are all too often similar to what Mitch Hedberg said about flyers: “When someone hands you a flyer, it’s like they’re saying: here, you throw this away.”

  2. Shannon Says:

    What a great resource. I’ve never made a press kit, and I know I’m going to come back to this post as I work on putting one together.

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