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How To Have a Successful Craft Fair-Information Round Up February 17, 2010

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As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been spending a lot of time looking for new craft fairs to add to my circuit this year. Much to my surprise, as of today, this desire to do more craft fairs and focus more  on my craft business has become not only a wish, but a necessity. Since I have been planning on more fairs, I  have been reading up on tips for having better fairs.

Always have a change of clothes at fairs just in case!

There are a lot of great sources out there as far as books are concerned. I remember when I first got  Craft, Inc a couple of years ago and read the story about the girl who dumped a piece of pizza on herself and didn’t have any clothes to change into I thought about how mortifying that probably was, so I always have remembered that and always have a back up set of clothes with me. That is a tip that has come in handy time and time again! That’s probably one of my favorite tips! Today though, I don’t really want to focus on books that you’ll have to go out and buy, but on websites you can check out right away.

How juried fairs work does not need to be a mystery!

One of the first articles I remember reading online about craft fairs was on the Etsy blog, The Storque. There are lots of articles on The Storque, but this particular article is about craft fair applications and applying for juried shows. This article, Craft Show Application Unravelled, discusses how to write a vendor statement, what types of photos to submit with your application and what website to put on your application. It also covers not burning bridges with fair organizers and asking for feedback if you don’t get into a fair.  Personally, I have written and re-written my vendor statement many times, but every time I am working on a new application I ALWAYS come back and look at this article as a reminder of what to do and not do.

A good tip from katydiddy: Make sure all your items have a tag so customers can find you again after the show. My booth mate Jen of EleanorMac is great at this!

Another really great article on The Storque is Seller how-to: Craft Fair Tips by katydiddy (edit: aka Laura Bray, whose blog is also a must read!). This article discusses marketing yourself at craft fairs. One of the best tips given, something I really need to work on myself this year, is making sure to have a tag on every item sold. I also really like her ideas for a free drawing or putting out a guest book to get emails for contacting customers later. I’m probably going to get a guest book, especially before I head to Texas next month for my first fair of the year. If you really like katydiddy’s article, she has a Craft Fair Ebook available on her Etsy with even more information about how to be successful at craft fairs.

Super cute and unique items (like Cordial Kitten's Cat-erpillars) are great conversation starters. Always take time to talk with customers while you have their attention!

The Etsy Team also has a few more tips on Taking Craft Shows to the Next Level. Tips include, among others, having unique business cards and taking time to talk yourself up while you have the customer there in front of you. This caught my attention because for too long I have been showing up at shows with the same darn VistaPrint card as about 20 other vendors. I just hired a graphic designer to make me something new and unique and I am very excited about this. My new business cards will make their debut at the Funky Finds Spring Fling next month!

If you are still hungry for more information, the Etsy Seller Handbook: All Our How-To’s About Selling,  has, as it title suggests, all the information you may ever need. I have barely begun to read this but already have learned boatloads of information to improve sales. This Handbook should be a regular go-to if you have any questions about how to be a better seller.

There is info out there that doesn’t come from Etsy by the way! One blog I came across, called Craft Show Tips, gives tips about things like having insurance for craft shows, how to have eye catching displays, and much, much more.

So, what are your favorite sources for information on craft fairs? Do you ever think about any of these things when setting up for craft fairs? What is the best tip you learned here today? Do you have any tips you would like to share with me? How do you remember to pack everything for your shows? Have a packing list you’d like to share? Post it here and help other crafters from suffering the pizza stain on the shirt fate!


3 Responses to “How To Have a Successful Craft Fair-Information Round Up”

  1. Laura Bray Says:

    Wow! How nice to find my information mentioned here. I really appreciate it. Good luck with your shows!

  2. Sau Bruender Says:

    This is a excellent piece of writing, im thankful I found this. Ill be back later on to check out other posts that you have on your blog.

  3. […] and getting all the needed supplies for the fair together. This however, is a whole other topic! I’ve written a bit about this before, but I’ve got some more ideas to share, so check back soon for a new post on setting up a […]

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