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Knitting Class at Mass Ave Wine: Week 4 or 5 (I lost count!) February 23, 2010

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Everyone at Class practiced knitting in the round!

This past weekend at Mass Ave Wine we had a fantastic time. We always do, but this week was extra special because we had 3 more finished projects! Last week the ladies were set to task working on flat knit hats, and both Jess and Eleanor were able to whip out adorable hats. They even did the finish sewing all by themselves! Look at these great hats!

Eleanor shows off her flat knit hat!

Jess in her new hat. A super soft hat knit with Lion Brand Homespun!

In addition to the great hats, we also had another finished scarf from Autumn. Look at this beautiful lady with her fancy blue scarf!

Autumn shows off her newly finished scarf!

This last Saturday everyone in class learned for the first time how to knit in the round using circular or double point needles. It was a bit challenging at first, but everyone caught on and had a inch or so of hat knit by the end of class.

Jen and Jess practice knitting in the round on circular needles!

There was lots of cheese consumed this week at class including another feta, basil and sun dried tomato torte with toasted batard.  We drank a few bottles of wine this week (yes, maybe a bit more than normal even), but one of the stand out favorites was Crios Rose of Malbec.

Crios Rose of Malbec - a delicious $10 bottle of wine

So, are you wondering yet why you haven’t joined us for class? I don’t know why you haven’t because we obviously are having tons of fun and learning quite a bit about knitting in the process. There are still 2 weeks of knitting classes left before we switch to crochet classes in the spring. You can download the flier and check out what we will be working on this Saturday. Any level knitter is welcome to join us at anytime. Maybe you should make this week the one you come in and join the fun!

KNIT One Week FIVE flyer Download the flier to see what’s up this Saturday!


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