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Handmade Monday: Bottle Cap Magnets March 1, 2010

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Happy Handmade Monday! I must admit I’m pretty busy this week. It’s midterms this week at school and I also have several classes that are ending this week, which means I have a lot of grading to do! Top that off with the facts that I have  fair this Saturday (first of the year!) and next Saturday is my 2nd fair of the year, all the way in Fort Worth, TX, and you might understand why I’m feeling a little frazzled today! I still wanted to take time though to check in with the blogosphere and put up a little something for Handmade Monday, so I thought today I would share with you some bottle cap magnets I am making to take down to the Funky Finds Spring Fling in Fort Worth on the 13th.

I really enjoy making bottle cap magnets. It’s a pretty easy process where I use a 1″ hole puncher and stamp out the circles, the glue them into the bottle caps with enormous amounts of ModPodge, let it dry thoroughly and then pour in a thick layer of epoxy resin. After the resin is totally dy, about 24 hours later, I glue on a super strong neodymium Rare Earth magnet on the back with E-6000 glue and, ta-da, bottle cap magnets. They are super easy to make and a really fun intro to using resin, plus they really enhance the front of your fridge!

Fun Blue, Cream, and Brown Bottle Cap Magnets

You can find lots of images on Etsy for creating these magnets. There are several sellers, like Piddix for example, who have the circles ready for you to print off your computer and punch out with your 1″ hole punch.

Funny Cats Doing Funny People Things

If bottle caps aren’t your thing, you can also make really fun magnets with glass baubles (I don’t really know what to call them). These baubles I got ages ago from Paper Source and the images came, again, from Etsy. All you need to do to make these magnets are to cut your images to shape, glue on with ModPodge (put a couple thick layers on the back) and then glue on your magnets.

Fun Cats Doing Normal Cat Things

So, if you need to dress up your fridge, here are two easy options. Let me know if you’ve every made bottle cap magnets before. Also let me know if you’ve ever pinched your fingers with those strong rare Earth magents- Ouch! I hope you have a Happy Handmade Monday!


2 Responses to “Handmade Monday: Bottle Cap Magnets”

  1. Pam Anderson Says:

    I have tons of vintage bottle caps! If I remember to find them/pack them in the car, i’ll give them to you in Austin! Cool stuff! Almost time to go!!!

    I wish i could stop in Fort Worth on the way, but I keep forgetting that is not on my route from Miami! I haven’t driven to Texas from here yet, only from Indiana! Doh!


  2. sundayafternoonhousewife Says:

    Pam- I’d love to have them if you want to share. I would put them to good use for sure! See ya in Texas!

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