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Friday Favorites: Travel Goodies March 5, 2010

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Of course my upcoming trip is about all that is on my mind, so I decided it would be lots of fun to look at travel goodies in this week’s Friday Favorites!


I did a simple search on Etsy and typed in “travel” and one of the first things to catch my eye (of course because of the owls!) was this super adorable and practical OuchPouch by PillowSewCute. It holds band aids, ointment, and anything you might want close at hand for minor boo-boos. It’s a good idea to be prepared when traveling, so this is a good way to keep your first aid supplies near by!

Sturdy Metal Luggage Tags!

Of course you want your bags to be easily identifiable, and with these personalized, hand stamped metal luggage tags by sierrametaldesign you can ensure that your luggage is! As indicated in the listing, another cool thing about these tags is that they are sturdy, and therefore it would be unlikely for them to come off your luggage, further ensuring if the bags were misplaced, they could find their way back to you.

Travel Candles in Metal Tins

Now, traveling with candles is something I hadn’t really though to do before, but these soy wax travel candles by homemadesoy make me want to start! I can imagine how nice it would be to drag myself into a cold, stale hotel room and light up a wonderfully scented candle to make it feel a little more welcoming and warm. What a good idea!

Hoot Owl Eye Mask!

Now I don’t know about you, but one of the best ways for me to get a good night’s sleep when I am away from home is to have an eye mask. It kind of makes me want to relax more and think less, and this eye mask by doodlebugsfunfabrics even comes with a matching protective travel pouch!

I like keeping travel notes in a journal!

Even in this blog eat blog world, I still like to take time while on trips to write down with a pen on paper places I’ve visited, dined at, or stumbled upon in a nice travel journal. This cute leather bound mini travel journal by BD leather designs has an adorable little camper on it and is small enough to keep in your purse or back pack so you can jot down important notes whenever the mood strikes!

Well, I hope you enjoyed today’s Friday Favorites and next time you are getting ready for a trip you will plan ahead and get yourself one of these cool travel items featured today. Happy weekend (finally!) and Happy Travels!


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