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Weekend News Round Up March 9, 2010

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I’m starting to feel a bit frantic! I’m leaving on Thursday for Texas, and I’m very excited, but I feel like I have a thousand things to do! Yesterday I finished up 75 pendants, and I have another 55 to finish today. Those will be the last I do before leaving, but I also have about 15 orders to fill before I leave. Yikes! I still thought I better take a minute to share all the great news from this past weekend, so here it is, the weekend news round up!

Please have fun at the Craft Fair

On Saturday I kicked off the craft fair season at the Monrovia Elementary School. It was a small fair, but lots of fun and I had a really good response to my Scrabble tiles, which made me very happy! The fair was sponsored and staffed by the PTA and the kids-the kids were great and helped me load in and load out, which was very wonderful. They even made cute signs like the one above and hung them all around the fair. I made some new displays for my tiles and got to set up the table for the first time this year.

First craft fair of the year at Monrovia Elementary School

First craft fair of the year at Monrovia Elementary School

Besides shaking off the dust of winter and setting up at a fair, there was good news from Bloomington Handmade Market– I have been accepted to participate in the market on April 3rd! I’m very excited to start April off with a fair this awesome!

Then, as if those two things weren’t awesome enough, I woke up Sunday and saw that Jennifer Perkins from Naughty Secretary Club gave a great Sunday Afternoon Housewife / Funky Finds Spring Fling shout out on her blog! I was super excited to see this! Thanks again, Jennifer!

Don’t forget I’ll be at the Funky Finds Spring Fling in Fort Worth, Texas this Saturday, so please come out and say hello!

Lastly, as the Texas trip draws closer, you can bet I will be frantically packing and running around, and maybe not blogging (gasp!). While I do plan to get a couple of blogs up while I’m away, if you want up to date news, I highly suggest following me on Twitter while I’m away. I’ll be using the hash tag #SAH for my whole trip, and also #sxsw while in Austin.  If you aren’t a Twitter fan, why not become my Facebook fan instead? I’ll be posting there regularly too while I am gone.


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