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An Exciting Annoucement: The Handmade Promenade March 15, 2010

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Good Monday morning! I’m going to take a day to break from my Texas updates (Yes, I’m still in Texas. Yes, I’m working on vacation!) because I have some really exciting news to share. I have had an idea itching in the back of my mind for quite a while now. It’s actually starting to come to fruition, and I wanted to share this special moment with all of you!

What is the Handmade Promenade? Click to find out!

Very, very shortly I will be announcing the first location of the first ever Handmade Promenade! If you are totally intrigued, head over to the Handmade Promenade blog and read what it is all about.  I promise more news will be coming straight away. I don’t mean to tease or anything, but I will promise lots of wholesome awesomeness. Stay tuned for more info!


2 Responses to “An Exciting Annoucement: The Handmade Promenade”

  1. Mark L Says:

    This is great news!

  2. This sounds awesome Martha! Keep me posted as Funky Finds LOVES sponsoring events & spreading the word.

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