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SXSW 2010 Wrap Up March 23, 2010

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Sunday Afternoon Housewife had so much fun at SXSW this year! Besides visits to all sorts of bars and venues and eating at awesome Tex Mex resaurants (more on that later), I made it to the Fader Fort and to the MWTX Party, both of which were insane displays of awesome music (Frightened Rabbit, Man Man to name a few) and LOTS of people. Probably my favorite show by far was seeing Slim Cessna’s Auto Club for the 3rd year in a row, this year at Habana Calle 6. This band is one of the best live bands to see, ever!

Slim Cessna at Habana Calle 6, Austin, TX

Of course all of SXSW wasn’t play. There was a lot of work involved, too! Thursday I was set up at the Standard Recording Company SXSW Day Party at the Dirty Dog on 6th street.

Some of our sponsors banners outside the Dirty Dog on 6th Street, Austin, TX

Sponsor banners outside the Dirty Dog on 6th Street

This year sponsors Provocraft/ Yudu set up and silk-screened hundreds of shirts which were passed out free to attendees of the party. The shirts were all silk-screened on the spot, and lots of new people got to see the Yudu in action, get a free shirt, and some even got cool YuDu stickers!

Yudu Station at the Standard Recording SXSW Party

The shirts were a big hit! There were also lots of silk-screened tote bags passed out with the same image. All of the shirts were yellow, but the ink colors varied from orange to brown, red, and teal!

Our 2010 SXSW Tee Shirts Printed by Yudu

Also on hand was some of the Etsy*Austin crew. They had a make-and-take craft table and helped the party attendees make block prints and SXSW memory books! It was awesome to meet some of the Etsy*Austin gals and watch them in action. They were super busy most of the day teaching people how to make fun SXSW themed crafts.

The Etsy*Austin crew at the make-and-take craft table

For the second year in a row, Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching came and passed out some free goodies (but only if you knew the secret password from her newsletter!) and sold her super awesome embroidery patterns!

Jenny Hart's booth at the Standard Recording SXSW party

Of course I was set up to selling my scrabble tile pendants, resin pendants, and bottle cap magnets, too. I had a great time meeting lots of new people as well as meeting again some folks who came to our party last year and had bought pendants and came back for more! I even had one super sweet lady tell me she had thought about the pendants all year and was so glad she could buy some this year because she didn’t have cash last year. That made me feel super great. I was happy as could be to meet and make sales to such wonderful people from all over the United States!

Sunday Afternoon Housewife (me!) working my booth at the SXSW day party!

While I’ve spent all this time talking about crafts, let’s not forget we also had some great bands play some awesome music that day, too. The music that day was kicked off by Bald Eagle Refugees/ I Need Sleep, followed by Amo Joy, Harley Poe, Thunderhawk, Deadbeats, Dr. Manhattan (a new personal favorite!), Casper and the Cookies, and then Jookabox wrapped the day of music up with a fantastic set and a packed house.

Harley Poe was a crowd favorite!

Harley Poe was a crowd favorite for sure! Super fans drove all the way in from Oklahoma and north Texas just to see them play their set!

So, as if all this awesomeness on Thursday was not enough, Standard Recording Company had yet another kickin’ showcase on Saturday at Shakespeare’s Pub! The weather didn’t really want to cooperate with us on Saturday (high 40’s, wind, and moring thunderstorms! BOO!) but we were still able to set up and listen to so great music by Metavari, Deatbeats, Burnt Ones, Bridges & Powerlines, Thunderhawk, AmoJoy, and Husband & Wife.

The Deadbeats at Shakespeare's Pub

The Deadbeats played a great set as did Amo Joy and Thunderhawk. New to my ears were Metavari (who I really enjoyed!) and Bridges and Powerlines and the Burnt Ones. Husband & Wife rocked to a full room at the end of the day and everyone had a fantastic time!

Thunderhawk rocked out at Shakespeare's Pub

Of course I took advantage of the offer from Standard Recording to set up my goods at Shakespeare’s Pub that day. I did brisk business in the cold weather, but it was great yet again to meet new people. I even made a sale to a gent from Ireland, so now SAH is going global! Thanks to Bryanne for this great black and white picture of me working my booth at Shakespeare’s.

My booth at Shakespeare's Pub

Well, we’ve reached the end of this SXSW wrap up. I’ve got plenty more to write about though in the coming days including some awesome handmade in Texas crafty finds and reviews of all the Tex Mex places I ate while in Austin. Also, I’ve got a lot of work to do this week to build my inventory back up before my next show on April 3rd. I’ll be sharing some new jewelry later this week, too, so please check back!


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  1. Sounds like you had an awesome adventure in Texas! Again, so glad you came down & were part of the Funky Finds Spring Fling! We hope to see you again in November! Jessica

  2. slummy9 Says:

    Photos chronicle this very well. Excellent job. See My Top Ten 2010 SxSW Show List at Cheers. Slummy

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