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Craft Room Clean Up Part 3: The Regression January 27, 2010

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If you have been following along, then you might remember that I gave myself about 2 weeks way back at the start of the new year to get my craft room cleaned up and organized before my new semester started. I hung some pictures, assembled a shelf, put things away in proper places, got my couch and table and sewing area cleaned, and the last time I posted about the clean up things were looking pretty good. Basically all I had left to do (with 5 days on my deadline at that time) was organize the closet and cart some stuff off to Goodwill. Well, I never posted about cleaning the closet because, as you have probably figured out by now, I didn’t do it! I felt like I was getting away with it because no one was  holding me accountable, but then Jennifer Perkins posted on her blog at Naughty Secretary Club yesterday all the progress she has made this month and it made me feel all guilty. She was the inspiration that got me going at the start of the year and her progress has really re-inspired me to get things going again. She writes that she is going to work on craft room organization next month, and I want to do the same thing, too. Since the biggest issue with the closet is it’s lack of organization, so I’m going to use some tips I’ve been finding all over the internet to organize my closet. I’m going to share some of those organization tips in the next week or so. It’s been really helpful that Craft Zine has been posting organization tips all month long. A lot of what they have posted has been both practical and inspirational.

In the meanwhile, I thought you might feel vindicated by my inability to keep the craft room orderly and clean if I showed you how much I have reverted back to how things were and how much cleaning I still need to do and organizing, too. So, as promised here are pictures of how the craft room has held up in the last month.


A Light at the End of the Tunnel: Craft Room Clean Up Part 2 January 7, 2010

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Today I worked for a good couple of hours on the craft room. The table and the couch are now cleaned up! I really feel good because I have made an awful lot of progress in the past week and have still been crafting, too. I had to move a few things around to make room for the Yudo machine and all its supplies, so the shelf I was hoping to use for magazine storage and cute owl display has become the Yudo machine shelf. That’s ok though because it looks good in the craft room now. In fact, all that is left for me to conquer in the last 4 days before I have to go back to work is the craft room closet. I saved it for last probably because it is the worst. I’m not exactly sure where to start, but I think I’m going to have to pull a lot of stuff out so that I can sort it and organize it. I’ve already started a box to fill with stuff to take to Goodwill, and I have a feeling that I’m going to have a lot more once I’m done in the closet.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about ways to organize all my stuff and I saw a really cool thing today at Michaels when I was buying more resin. I saw this awesome embellishment organizer from Making Memories which I think I liked best because of the ribbon holder. Also, today on Craft Zine blog was an cool post about fabric storage bins made by sewingmomma. I also am really liking this organizer desk caddy from Making Memories. There
are certainly more things I could stand to have- like tubs for fabric and yarn. I also need some accordion file folders to organize my paper supplies, but that’s probably going to be an “in the future” thing.

Oh, but I shouldn’t keep you waiting much longer for photo updates. Here is the craft room all picked up! There are also a few pictures of the closet that still needs clean. Oh and I also just remembered the “silk screen factory” in the bedroom is all picked up, too. There’s a pic of where it was and isn’t now. I think the closet is probably worse than it was originally because some things had to be taken off the table and put somewhere, right?

Stay tuned in tomorrow for some new necklaces. I am certain you are going to love the new designs!


Trip Hazard Update Part 1 January 2, 2010

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Happy New Year! I started cleaning up the craft room right after my last post. The first things I actually did were hang up all the art and other kitschy things that have been laying around forever hoping to be displayed on the walls. I hung up all my owl paintings which were a gift from the wonderful MaRut from Craftster, and then all the kitschy owl things my mom has gotten for me at garage sales. After I got those things hung up and safely out of the way, I started by shoving all the boxes that belonged in my husband’s office into his office. The next step was just what I could not resist, sweep all the paper pieces, resin shavings, scrabble tile wood shavings, and, of course, pet hair, up and off the floor. I swept and moved all things that weren’t going into the trash up and onto the couch or table. I threw away all the trash on the floor and then went through all the trash on my craft table and threw it away, too. I carried out a whole bag of garbage! That still left an awful lot of stuff on the table, but as you can see from one of the photos, the table is actually visible through all the supplies still piled on top of it. I also got the shelf assembled and put some stuff away on it!  So, as promised, I’m giving you some updated photos. I still have a lot to sift through- I haven’t even touched the closet yet, but I’m starting to feel better about this mess. It might actually be tamed before I have to head back to work on the 11th.

In other end of year/ start of the year news, I was turned onto this really awesome post by The Long Thread. I love my CraftZine/ Facebook friendship because I surely would’ve missed this if it weren’t posted on Facebook.  I don’t have the time like I wish I did to try all the awesome craft tutorials I come across in blogs and on Craftster, but here, The Long Thread put together a list of the Top 100 Tutorials of 2009. There’s a lot of stuff to try. A LOT! Some things I really can’t wait to try include Made by Rae’s Buttercup Bag and the Tool Apron from Sew What! Bags. I also really can’t wait to make the mmmcrafts Ballerina Tooth Fairy Pillow for all3 of  my nieces (though 2 of them probably don’t need it for another year or so.) And, I may just have to figure out how to make a much larger version of the owl costume by Alpha mom for my Halloween costume! Lastly, I certainly must make a few of Tangarang’s DIY cake stands. I can tell already its going to be a busy, crafty, and productive year!


A trip down the stairs while carrying a pair of scissors hazardous mess December 29, 2009

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I’m dreaming of a clean craft room… Just like the one I used to have! My craft room is out of control. It’s a mess. A trip down the stairs while carrying a pair of scissors hazardous mess; a possible poison the dog with discarded bottles of resin and moldy paint brushes in a cup mess; a choke the cat on miles of thread and yarn mess. It’s bad. Really bad. Get the picture? Well, hang on- if you can’t picture it yet you will soon see. First of all, before Christmas break started for me on the 18th I had a #1 goal to clean the craft room so I could make more jewelry over break and get all stocked up for the spring, get stocked up on Etsy, and just feel better about not having a wreck of a craft room. Well, now look what happened- a half-dozen Xmas parties later, a weekend to recover, a Monday to recover from the weekend, and now it is Tuesday and the craft room is STILL a total wreck and I only have 12 days before I have to head back to work. 12 days!?! Have you seen this mess? Well, this morning I woke up, logged on Facebook, and one of my favorite crafty bloggers, Jennifer Perkins, of Naughty Secretary Club fame, posted a blog that her #1 New Year Resolution is to clean her craft space! The craziest thing of all- she posted pictures! So, here I am in true craft girl camaraderie to say to Jennifer, “You are not alone.” I too am posting some pictures of my craft room mess. I too am promising to post pictures of the progress. I too will even promise to post follow up pictures a few months from now.

Ok, first, for those of you not familiar with my craft room, it is positioned at the top of the back stair case of my house on a landing between the “guest bedroom” and the master bedroom. This is the number one problem because the stairs become a catch-all and the dogs must always pass through to get to the bedroom. So, I’ve included a few pictures of the stairs because I am considering them part of the crafty mess. Also, even though it was REALLY hard for me to do, I’ve included a picture of part of the bedroom so that you can see that this craft mess has spread out of its designated area and into the bedroom (or is it the silk screen factory now?). Also, I have a fairly good sized kinda-walk-in-closet which is part of my craft room area. All of this will be cleaned. All of it. So, with out making you wait much longer, I’m going to post pictures so you can see just how bad it really is. There’s a lot of randomness- like a years’ worth of owl collection that has no place to be kept (my first task may be to get out the drill and hang those pictures), or the Halloween jewelry that has no place to live, or hey- what about the boxes of CD’s that my husband carried upstairs but never put in the office (err… the guest bedroom…)? I shudder to think I’m doing this, but here it is, my craft room mess for all the world to see:

Is that an empty box of Triscuits? A My Little Pony? A yet to be put together shelf under a pile of yet to be shelved boxes of yarn? Ok craft room mess, here I come.