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Contact SAH November 18, 2009

Please feel free to contact me any time! I would love to hear from you about an upcoming fair you’d like me to attend, a comment about my jewelry, if you want to place a special order, need some advice, or if you just want to say hello!

Martha Latta


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2 Responses to “Contact SAH”

  1. mandz Says:

    I love your blog. I only have read what a sunday house wife really is and love it! please sign up for notifications for future postings doll. I too love to garden, cook, be crafty, and ect…Bobber and I have been married for a little over a year along with our cat Steve and our dog Bru a big pink nosed, albino St Bernard.

    I am kind of in new phase of my life. I have done the business thing and try to do what I thougt was right. It wasn’t. My goal for the new year is to just do what I want and have fun doing it. I will make a point to check out yor stuff on etsy whenever I have gifts to buy. I love to support local artists along with old friends in passing. Good luck with all you do. It is so nice to see folks doing what they love. I am rambling. Namaste, Mandz

  2. Susan Says:

    I bought a few of your necklaces for presents but foolishly none for myself. Going to be anywhere around Cleveland anytime soon? Your Etsy store is pretty darn empty….sml

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