Sunday Afternoon Housewife

Handmade Crafts and Unsolicited Advice

Portfolio March 29, 2010

All work is made by Sunday Afternoon Housewife in her home in Indianapolis. Sunday Afternoon Housewife focuses on creating handmade goods at artist sustainable, yet customer friendly prices because she believes handmade should be quality work, but also affordable.

Craft-themed scrabble tile pendants

Sunday Afternoon Housewife began by making scrabble tile pendants. (You can read about how she makes them here). Scrabble tile pendant designs range from owls to hedgehogs, craft to music themed, flower and bug themed, as well as quirky holiday themed and traditional holiday themed. She also creates personalized pendants, and pendants where partial proceeds go to charity (such as Breast Cancer Awareness and MS Awareness).

Owl themed scrabble tile pendants

In addition to scrabble tile pendants, Sunday Afternoon Housewife also enjoys creating resin jewelry. At present, the most popular designs are candy sprinkle pendants, but she is working at present to begin creating more pendant designs as well as expanding into resin bangle bracelets.

Candy Sprinkle Resin Pendant

Sunday Afternoon Housewife also enjoys trying her hand at other types of jewelry, like these fun map-themed bracelets.

7 bezel Map themed bracelets made with metal, paper, glue, resin

Another fan favorite which Sunday Afternoon Housewife enjoys making are bottle cap magnets. While bottle cap magnets are not unique to her, she tries to make hers unique by choosing unique images when creating them and using vintage or recycled bottle caps.

Vintage bottle cap magnets

Recently, Sunday Afternoon Housewife has expanded into making silk-screened t’s. She is in the process of making several new designs and plans to trasnfer these hand-drawn designs to tee-shirts and tote bags.

Silk-screen hoot owl shirt

If you are curious to see what other creations come out of SAH headquarters, please take a minute to look around the blog! Thank you for looking at my best work! I hope you will agree and I hope to see you at your fair soon.


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