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Handmade Monday: Flower and Friend Inspired Rings February 8, 2010

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This week on Handmade Monday I want to share with you a new set of rings I have made. These rings were made to remind me that spring is right around the corner and that bright colors are very welcome on snowy winter days! It’s also meant to remind me of all the strong women in my life who have way more on their plates to handle than I do, but somehow still manage to always be there with help, encouragement, or a kind word when I need it most. The names for this set of rings are inspired by the names of some of my best friends who are housewives as well mothers, crafters, kid taxi drivers, cooks, maids, and so much more! Right now there are 8 new rings to share.

All rings are on lead and nickle free adjustable ring backs. You can see how the “back” of a few of the rings look at the bottom of the post.

The first 4 are a bit unique because they have a small flower charm in either pink or purple which closely dangles from the ring.

The LYDIA, named after my wonderful Aunt Lydia, is a small fleur-de-lis and spade shape inspired ring with a small pink rose which dangles closely by to remind us of being strong and a little sweet at the same time:

Super special and a life-long lover of flowers, the CLAUDIA is named after my mother. This ring is an abstract flower also with a small pink rose inspired charm hanging close by as a reminder that someone special is always closer by than you might think:

Next is the REBECCA, named for my sister-in-law who is very strong and very beautiful. This ring has a daisy inspired center and a small purple flower charm attached. Always a helping hand, this ring shows the strength and beauty of a very special person:

The RACHEL is inspired by my other sister-in-law (there are only 2, in case you are wondering).  This ring is a little complicated and a little sweet. A small circular pattern with a star represents my sister-in-law Rachel, my nieces Natalie and Lydia, her husband, and the soon-to-arrive any day now nephew! Rachel is about to have the largest family in my extended family and I hope she knows this ring is inspired by her and her strength to support an ever growing family!

Next up is a ring I would like to call the HEATHER as a tribute to one of the most professional and sweetest girlfriends I have. Heather is a writer, a mother of one, a crafter, and a super sweet friend, just like this super sweet ring made of  out of an adorable charm and a sweet flower charm:

Next up is the BRANDY, named for my darling younger sister, who happens to be a fantastic mother, hard worker, and the best sister a gal like me could ask for. The BRANDY is kind of simple- a beautiful orange metal flower with a smaller purple rose charm set in the middle. It shows her love of flowers but also her simple and easy going outlook on life:

Up next is the JEN. My friend Jen is not only a mother, hard worker, crafter, and super business lady, but also my constant booth mate at all craft fairs both odd and cool. Without Jen by my side at times I might go crazy and I certainly would be able to take far fewer breaks at craft fairs! The JEN is a little funky, but mainly sweet- very colorful, but also work- friendly, just what a mom-on-the-go like Jen needs!

Last up in the new line of rings is the JESS. Jess is a great graphic designer, mother of two, wife, hard worker, and fabulous friend. I strongly hope Jess will agree that this ring is a good representation of her- both strong and funky as well as sweet and unique:

As I mentioned, all of these rings are lead free and nickle free and on adjustable ring backs and they will fit sizes 8- about an 11. As they look right now, the ring itself is about 1/4″ wide and closed at the back, you can adjust to your desired size. This is how the ring back looks on all 8 rings:

I really hope you like my new rings! Your purchase is your vote on these. If you visit my Etsy shop and purchase a ring, that means I will make more! So, leave a comment here and tell me what you think, or head on over to my Etsy and pick one up before it is gone! Each ring is unique, and right now you can only get the one that is pictured, so don’t wait! If you do, it might be gone!