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Announcing Make and Take Jewelry Classes at Mass Ave Wine April 26, 2010

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I’m really excited to announce that I’ve partnered with Mass Ave Wine Shoppe for monthly make-and-take jewelry classes for the summer!

Make and Take Glass Tile Pendant Class May 15th

The first class will take place on May 15th and we’ll be making glass tile pendants. The one inch glass tile can be customized with any picture brought to class, or there will be lots of fun images to choose from. You’ll make the pendant in class with help from me, and even get a chain with it so you can wear it home! If you’re really nice though, you might decide to make something special for your mom since Mother’s Day is the next day!

Make and Take Button Ring Class June 19th

In June, we’ll be making button rings from vintage buttons. You’ll have tons of buttons to choose from, and you’ll be making a ring you can wear home!

Both classes will include all supplies needed to make the project, I’ll be providing instructions, and you’ll get a glass of wine, all for $15! Mark these dates on your calendar and get ready to learn to make some fun, unique jewelry you can wear yourself or give as a gift!


Knitting Class at Mass Ave Wine: Week 4 or 5 (I lost count!) February 23, 2010

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Everyone at Class practiced knitting in the round!

This past weekend at Mass Ave Wine we had a fantastic time. We always do, but this week was extra special because we had 3 more finished projects! Last week the ladies were set to task working on flat knit hats, and both Jess and Eleanor were able to whip out adorable hats. They even did the finish sewing all by themselves! Look at these great hats!

Eleanor shows off her flat knit hat!

Jess in her new hat. A super soft hat knit with Lion Brand Homespun!

In addition to the great hats, we also had another finished scarf from Autumn. Look at this beautiful lady with her fancy blue scarf!

Autumn shows off her newly finished scarf!

This last Saturday everyone in class learned for the first time how to knit in the round using circular or double point needles. It was a bit challenging at first, but everyone caught on and had a inch or so of hat knit by the end of class.

Jen and Jess practice knitting in the round on circular needles!

There was lots of cheese consumed this week at class including another feta, basil and sun dried tomato torte with toasted batard.  We drank a few bottles of wine this week (yes, maybe a bit more than normal even), but one of the stand out favorites was Crios Rose of Malbec.

Crios Rose of Malbec - a delicious $10 bottle of wine

So, are you wondering yet why you haven’t joined us for class? I don’t know why you haven’t because we obviously are having tons of fun and learning quite a bit about knitting in the process. There are still 2 weeks of knitting classes left before we switch to crochet classes in the spring. You can download the flier and check out what we will be working on this Saturday. Any level knitter is welcome to join us at anytime. Maybe you should make this week the one you come in and join the fun!

KNIT One Week FIVE flyer Download the flier to see what’s up this Saturday!


Knitting Class at Mass Ave Wine Shoppe: Week 3 February 18, 2010

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Casting on a new project at the start of class on 2/13/10

This past Saturday was our third week of  knitting class at Mass Ave Wine Shoppe, and our first week with finished knitting projects! We had a brief hiatus last week while I took the day off for my birthday, and that gave plenty of time for a few finished projects. I’m so proud of these knitters who didn’t know a stitch when class started one month ago!

Eleanor with her first finished project: wrist warmers!

The first week of class we focused on learning the knit stitch and the second week on perfecting the purl. Eleanor (above) is showing of her ribbed wrist warmers, and Karen (below) shows off her knit scarf!

Karen shows off her knit scarf!

We had a really good time this week. Some of us enjoyed snacking on a goat cheese, basil pesto, and sun dried tomato torte with toasted batard, while others had croque mermaid sandwiches or cheese and crackers. Of course we all enjoyed various wines. This week I split a bottle of La Marouette Chardonnay with some of the ladies. Everything was fantastically fun!

The delicious, organic La Marouette

This coming Saturday, class will kick-off at 4:30.  $15 will get you a glass of wine and a knitting lesson. This week the “regulars” will be learning how to knit on circular needles to make a hat, but you don’t need to know anything about knitting to come. Any one is welcome at any time and I am there for constant coaching and one-on-one lessons and help.  I hope you will join us!


Mass Ave Knitting Class: Week 2 February 2, 2010

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This past Saturday at Mass Ave, the knitting class met again at 4:30 p.m. Everyone enjoyed various glasses of wine, and some enjoyed cheese and cracker trays. There were 8 people in attendance this week, so the setting was a bit more intimate than last time. Of the 8 people that came, 5 were returning from class one, and 3 were new attendees. It was great to see every one again and meet new people. Can you believe I forgot to take pictures again? When class 3 gets here, I promise, promise, promise to take pictures of the class and hopefully even of some completed projects! Week 2 was spent relearning to cast on, how to cast off, and almost everyone learned the knit stitch last class has now also learned how to purl. The week 2 knitting pattern was for a pair of wrist warmers. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s progress. There will be no class this Saturday, as I am taking the day off for my birthday (!) but in two weeks, on February 13th, we are going to learn how to increase and decrease stitches and make a hat. After class ended this week, several of us made a trip next door to The Best Chocolate in Town for boxes of handmade truffles.

The sweet ending of a trip to the chocolate shop was the perfect end to a fantastic knitting class.

If you would like information about the February 13th class (remember, no class on February 6th), you can download the week 3 flier right here: KNIT One Week three flyer


Knitting Class at Mass Ave Wine Shop: Week 1 January 26, 2010

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Last Saturday was the first knitting class at Mass Ave Wine Shop hosted by yours truely. It was so fantastically fun! We had 15 knitters show up, and there were newbie knitters as well as seasoned knitters who were eager to improve upon their knitting skills. The newbie knitters learned how to cast on and how to do the knit stitch. The advanced knitters learned how to cable! It was a very fun afternoon and I was so busy I regretfully forgot to take a single photo! Check in next week for photos from this week. I promise I will remember to take them. We all enjoyed the great atmosphere of Mass Ave Wine as well as our glass (or glasses…) of wine!

I had a glass of the Bitch Bubbly which was so good, but everyone all tried different wines and some had cheese plates, too.

Week two is going to be just as much fun as last week. Newbie knitters are going to learn how to purl and cast off, and advanced knitters will be learning how to knit in the round with double pointed needles! Both groups will be working on a pair of cozy and quick to complete wrist warmers.

I’m looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and hoping to see some new faces this week as well. If you’re looking to find more info, you can download this week’s flier right here: KNIT ONE, SWIRL TWO flyer for WEEK TWO


Wine Charms: A Mass Ave Wine Shoppe Exclusive January 19, 2010

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I’m very happy to announce that, as of last night, Mass Ave Wine Shoppe is the exclusive carrier of my new line of handmade wine glass charms.  The wine glass charms are made of recycled scrabble tiles and come 6 in a pack. The packaging is also uniquely handmade and includes a nice little handwritten note from me hidden inside! Each six pack of wine charms is different from the next and great for gift giving, or for keeping for yourself if you’re one of those people who can’t keep track of their wine glass at a party. Next time you are in Mass Ave Wine (like maybe tonight for a free wine tasting at 5:30, or Wednesday for a $10 glass of wine and massage, or Saturday for knitting class…) stop by and pick up a set!


Knit ONE, Swirl Two-Knitting class at Mass Ave Wine Shop January 14, 2010

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KNIT One, SWIRL Two at Mass Ave Wine Shop

4:30-6:00 p.m. Saturdays January 23 and 30, February 13, 20, 27, and March 6.

$15 for a glass of wine and a knitting lesson!

Learn the basics of knitting such as how to cast on, cast off, knit, purl, change colors, knit cables, knit in the round and much more! Patterns will be provided each week for both beginner and more advanced knitters and I will be there for the entire hour and a half to teach newbies, or assist the seasoned knitter in a new challenge. In the first six weeks we will learn how to make a scarf, a hat, and a pair of wrist warmers to get us through the rest of the winter!

Extra needles will be available during class time (thought they will need returned at the end of class) and lots of FREE yarn will be available to choose from, but you may also visit a store such as Joann’s, Michael’s, or Hobby Lobby, or Indy’s own local Mass Ave Knit Shop to purchase yarn and needles.

For more information, and to see examples of the first weeks patterns, dowload this informative flyer:  KNIT One Week ONE flyer