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Friday Favorites: Eye Candy February 19, 2010

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I’m taking a little break this week from my “regular” Friday Favorites of only handmade items and instead sharing some of my favorite websites to go and  look at things. It’s weird sometimes how I can spend so long just looking at things that interest me. So, if you are a looker, like me, here are some places you might want to start:

Owl and Pussycat Cake by Coco Cakes

I am totally in love with Coco Cakes.  I love just looking at all of her beautiful cake and cupcake creations. The Coco Cakes photos on Flickr are so amazing, I can look for ever and be thrilled over and over again. I LOVE this owl and pussycat cake, and I also loved the owl cake she made for her nephew. Another favorite is the fish cake, but of course they are all insanely adorable and well made. Is it allowable to have something like 15 favorites? Because I think I do!

From the blog "A Collection a Day, 2010"

I can’t say what it is about this blog by Lisa Congdon that makes me check back day after day, but I guess just love to look at her collections. A Collection a Day, 2010 is an amazing blog to visit.  I love her fascination with collecting. Some things seem so random, but everything looks so beautiful grouped together day after day. I can’t imagine having 365 days worth of collected things, but then when I think about it a little longer, I bet most of us do and we don’t even realize it.

Killer Zombie Sheep by Nerdygrrl

Sometimes when I don’t know what I am looking for, or if I am just looking for some inspiration, I like to visit the Etsy Showcases. If you go to Etsy and you click on the “showcases” banner, many wonderful things will reveal themselves to you. Today’s Storque showcase had this fantastic Killer Zombie Sheep Print by nerdygrrl that caught my attention. The Etsy Showcases are just a fun way to see new things and find something new to admire!

What are some site you visit just to look at? I would love to know. I hope you will enjoy looking at these three sites today. Of course there are many others, but I am having a hard time focusing today and spending too much time looking! I need to move on with my day! I will surely have another post like this in the future because I love so much to look at so many things! Please share your comments on what you think about these site or about other sites you like to look at!


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